The Three Pillars of Alta

The essence of our investment philosophy rests on three pillars: profitability, growth and valuation. These pillars define our search for ‘quality’. A quality company in an Alta portfolio is profitable throughout the economic cycle, exhibits the ability to grow and sustain earnings, consistently grows its free cash flow, all while at what we consider to be an attractive valuation.

Alta Quality Growth Fund

A concentrated portfolio of 30 to 35 domestically-traded mid- and large-cap companies. The Fund incorporates the core elements of our investment approach:

  • We believe quality factors are key to long-term alpha generation
  • We believe growth in earnings and free cash flow drives stock prices
  • Earnings quality is assessed through free cash flow analysis
  • Market mispricing of a company’s long-term intrinsic value creates opportunities

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Guardian Fundamental Global Equity Fund

A concentrated portfolio of 20 to 25 globally-traded mid- and large-cap companies. The following principles of quality growth investing are incorporated:

  • Growth drives returns
  • Quality protects to the downside
  • Valuation matters

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